Super Bowl Ads Get Creative

In just two days the New York Giants and the New England Patriots will be the trending topic as an expected 111 million fans tune in for the Super Bowl this year. As usual, there will be no shortage of buzz surrounding the Super Bowl ads.  With TV advertisements that are designed to stand out and make us laugh until we cry, or have us sit mouth agape in amazement, we can expect to be dazzled by at least a few spots.

USA Today’s Ad Meter measures and ranks the TV spots by popularity with the viewers.  Last year Bud Light’s adwith the dog-sitter throwing a party and using the dogs as servers and dishwashers was fun and lighthearted. Anthropomorphism seems to be a fan favorite, as it was the most popular spot last year along with Doritos’ ad featuring a man being tackled by a small dog after he teases the dog with his chips.

This year, you can expect a little something extra from Coca-Cola. The company will use the Super Bowl as an opportunity to engage viewers in a unique way and integrate social media. The Coca-Cola polar bears will be watching the big game this year, and they will be responding to plays, comments, performances, and even the ads themselves in real time. The idea is to draw viewers to where they can see the reactions of the bears in real time and then people can send, or share these reactions with people. The Coca-Cola mascots will appear across multiple platforms of social media. Whatever team you’re rooting for, you’ll have a polar bear on your side, cheering along or hanging his head in despair right along with you.

ETrade, Audi, Pepsi, GoDaddy, Best Buy, Doritos, Acura, Skechers and Dannon are just a few brands lined up for this year’s Super Bowl. Game on!