The Best Commercials of Super Bowl XLVI

Here we go…
We are running deep this time. I went around the office and asked for everyone’s favorite Super Bowl commercial. Turtledove Clemens presents: The Best Commercials of Super Bowl XLVI.

Devin Barr

Volkswagen Beetle – The dog was too fat to fit through the doggy door to chase the new VW Beetle down the street.

Andy Ehlen

Hyundai Veloster Turbo – The cheetah gave up chasing the car and chased the guy who opened the cage.

Jay Clemens

Fiat 500 Abarth – What did she just say?

Sandy Carpenter & Brooke Jones

Bud Light – Here “We Go” – A rescue dog delivers beer to all of the party guests.

Jeff Bernius

Chrysler – It’s Halftime in America – Clint Eastwood talks about the struggles of America. Our second half is about to begin.

Holly Blackman

Acura – #20? – Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno try to persuade a guy to give up his #1 spot in line to buy the newest Acura NSX.

Ben Thompson

Audi S7 – Vampires / Daylight – The Vampires are flash burned by the Audi’s LED headlights.

What was my favorite commercial of the 46th Super Bowl?

Chevy Silvarado – Dave drove a Ford.

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