The Internet Is Evolving

It’s interesting how the internet is evolving. Facebook has rolled out Timeline for all users and business pages, Pinterest has officially overtaken LinkedIn for the number 3 spot in the top social networks, and Google+ has released a new design and the ability to record hangouts to share on YouTube. What strikes me in this evolution of the internet, these services are becoming more visually interesting and easier to use by almost everyone. But what else is there? Can we do more with this relatively young medium?

Here are some services that I think will push the envelope with what the Internet is capable of.

  • Pinwheel – Described as a way to “find and leave notes all around the world.” Built on Google Maps technology, it allows users to share information (photos, reviews, stories, etc.) about a location on a map. This service is currently in a beta phase but will hopefully roll out soon. Read More
  • – Building on the idea that collaboration results in the best product, allows users to share new music with other users in realtime. Users can take turns being the DJ. has seen it’s ups and downs, but with the announcement of 4 major record labels sharing their tunes, this service might still have a chance against Spotify and Rdio.
  • ifttt – “If This, Then That” is a simple service that listens to your social media accounts and performs actions based on the rules you configure. One of the more popular actions is to automattically backup your Instagram photos to Dropbox. There are more recipes and I’ve put together an article outlining how to use this ifttt as a social media marketing tool.

What new services are you using? Share them in the comments.